Tracy E. Davis, Esq. PLLC

Practice Areas

Family Law

Attorney Davis provides legal expertise in family matters, including:

- Divorce cases

- Child custody cases

- CPS, Dependency Neglect and Abuse Cases

-  Adoption, Child Support, and other areas of family practice

Criminal Law

Attorney Davis defends those who have been accused of: 

- Violent crimes including Homicide, 

Assault, Robbery, Sexual Offenses, and

- Drug-related offenses such as Narcotic Trafficking and Possession charges, as well as other nonviolent offenses 

Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Attorney Davis represents those pursuing charges, settlement, compensation, representation, or counsel regarding:

- Auto accidents including, vehicle, bicycle, or motorcycle incidents for the driver or pedestrian

- Catastrophic injuries including spine or brain damage

- Minor injuries including slip and falls and work-related, excluding workers comp

Wrongful Death and Civil Rights

Attorney Davis represents those seeking damages or representation regarding a family member who passed away due to negligence or intentional harm while in someone else’s care

Dependency, Abuse, or Neglect of the Children

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Wills and Estate

Along with determining who gets what, a thoughtful Will includes a comprehensive list of assets and information regarding the estate. We work with clients to ensure a Will properly covers what happens with real property, personal property, and even digital assets. Attorney Davis is here to assist